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From Farm to Table.

Every meal has a long and creative story. This creative journey turns into a feast of taste literally with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Hosting various types of fresh vegetables and fruits ranging from banana to orange on the lands enriched by the hot weather of the Mediterranean region, Antalya provides an inestimable contribution to this unique feast. Located just near all these natural flavors with its rich food varieties, Asmani Restaurant offers you an unforgettable gastronomic experience with high-quality foods which grow at the right place.

Touch the stars.

Located on the terrace of Akra, Asmani Restaurant is the point of meeting for pleasant times with its fascinating atmosphere designed with elegant details... Asmani, as a taste-stop shining among the stars, is one of the top-ranking taste-stops of Antalya with its fascinating view of the Mediterranean Sea and creative cuisine. Named after the sky, this restaurant offers a unique atmosphere for the ones who want to feel themselves special with its casual-fine dining concept and its rich bar in terms of high-quality drinks.

The most elegant bar of the city...

Leaving its mark on the night life of the city, Asmani is always elegant, pleasant and full of joy... Referred as one of the best bars of Antalya with its rich menu and unique view, Asmani accompanies your pleasant times with its special drinks. Enjoy all special cocktails, turned into a piece of art with the creative touches, and the award-winning global wines at Asmani.


I accept Asmani Restaurant’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy by clicking "SEND".